Divorce Corp. – Documentary Decoded Part 1

Posted on Jan 11, 2014 by

This morning I went to see Divorce Corp., the documentary about the family law industry in the United States.  I took copious notes throughout and had many emotional reactions.  For the most part, I was not surprised about the tone or perspective of this film.  Though it portrayed attorneys, judges, custody evaluators and investigators in the most repulsive light possible, the film does a valuable service – it gets people talking and thinking!  Getting a reaction out of people and inciting them to discuss is a first step in any social change such as civil rights and gender equality.

While many of the topics presented in Divorce Corp. are accurate, my aim is to encourage people to:

  • Look closer and think for themselves,
  • See that some of the sweeping statements made are not true in every jurisdiction, and
  • Empower people to educate themselves about family law and conflict resolution.

If family law and reasonable resolutions are of interest to you, please see the documentary and follow my blog posts over the next few weeks.

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