J. Shannon Cavers, Houston Attorney

About J. Shannon Cavers

J. Shannon Cavers is an attorney in Houston, Texas whose practice areas include family law, probate & estate planning, elder law, collaborative law, and mediation of both civil and family cases. When an individual encounters a legal issue and seeks the assistance of an attorney, that person is usually uneasy. Realizing this, Ms. Cavers commits herself to listening to the person, explaining the legal issues in “non-legalese”, and assisting the person or family work through challenging transitions that life can bring.


Common Client Requests


Dissolution of the marriage relationship

Child Custody

Legal determination for the possession of and access to children, and can include various rights and duties relating to children


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Establishing the legal relationship between the father and child

Pre-Marital & Post-Marital Agreements

Unique contractual agreements governing Texas marital property rights between prospective spouses and current spouses


Establishes a court ordered relationship between an incapacitated person (“ward”) and a court approved guardian. Can include guardianship of the ward’s physical person and his/her estate.

Firm Vision and Approach

The firm serves individuals in need of legal assistance in a variety of practice areas. For many, navigating a legal issue is daunting because of emotions triggered by conflict and lack of familiarity with legal procedure. Our purpose is to educate the individual about the nature of the issues, protect the his/her interests, and provide options for resolving those issues in as straightforward and economical approach as possible.




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